Tuesday, December 18, 2012

winter ( or end of the world ) in three days

i went by the house to check on things and the kansas wheat grass in my back yard hasn't gone dormant yet either...there's snow in the forecast ( if the whole mayan end of the world thing doesn't interfere ) and they may be on the way soon...unless of course we have a repeat snow/melt in two days winter...the four asparagus seedlings have recorded good growth in the last six days...the two older ones are beginning to "fern" noticeably and the two smaller ones are doing fine as well...encouraged by this i soaked and started seeds in eight more pots on sunday and will be watching for sprouts over the next few weeks...if all goes well there will be ample seedlings well enough along to transplant into the iuncg as soon as the weather breaks ( eighty degrees in march or will it wait until april? )...for all its seeming reluctance and yellow over-watered look, which i am inclined to believe is more from its dislike of the cool fiftyish temperatures we're keeping in the house than any sort of over-watering, the zea mays is exhibiting new growth too...not as extravagant as the asparagus, but there is a third leaf emerging to keep the photosynthesis going...so bits and pieces of the outdoor season are still up and running and the indoor season is proving successful so far ( the industrial soy bean is still going as well...just no room in this post for a photo...the new leaves are developing very slowly...also in response to the temperatures i'm thinking )with some luck and a bit of work they should meet in the spring...more as it comes up.

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