Wednesday, December 26, 2012

last installment of december grasses

it's been cold here in hardiness zone six with the temperature hovering around freezing and snow all around the state except here which has had no real noticeable impact on the plants left up and running...the gamagrass still has traces of chlorophyll in the lower leaves and none of the wheat grass wants to turn in for the winter...lots of green out there still and this got me to wondering so i drove over to the one-time bean field that now has a cover crop of winter wheat in it to see if there was any sign of a slow-down there...nope...just like the winter wheat i grew last year this doesn't seem to be in any hurry to achieve a dormant and growing to boot it will be sprouting seed heads in april if it isn't turned under before then to make way for some industrial crop ( depends, i suppose, on the price of hard red winter wheat come spring...always could put in some soybeans or alfalfa...but i digress ) january will find me trapsing around someone's field ( no plants were harmed in the taking of these photos ) as well as visiting the garden to look for signs of dormancy...research never stops...neither does gardening .

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