Monday, December 31, 2012

end of the year

it seems to be a peculiar end to a peculiar go an early start in march hen the perennials switched on with the warmth and then stopped in a much cooler april...all the grasses, annuals like northern tepehuan teosinte, the winter wheat, and the hopi blue maize, as well as the perennials zea diploperennis, intermediate wheat grass, and the eastern gamagrass did well ( the drought was offset by my heavy use of supplemental water ) as did the chinese yams...the plant/replant perennial tubers ( potatoes and jerusalem artichokes ) both had disappointing harvests however...even the watering didn't seem to offset the drought's impact...right now things are quiet...but...the wheat grass domesticates form kansas are acting differently in different locations only a few miles apart...there is snow lingering in my back yard and the plants there are headed for dormancy while the campus garden is snow free and the plants there are still obviously green ( as is the forage variety along the south end of the garden )...another dichotomy in an odd season and i wonder what the upshot will is supposed to be getting cold here for the rest of the week but then thee is a warm up forecast...much like last winter which alternated between temperatures above and below freezing all season...drought continues to be an issue as precipitation is spotty so there's no real way to know what the coming season will hold

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