Wednesday, December 26, 2012


i started around twenty more asparagus seeds some ten days word yet...but the four that are up seem to be thriving under the grow light ( and in what natural light they can find these days ) and a couple of them took upwards of three weeks to start...obviously not all the seeds i stared in the beginning germinated and i don't expect to go twenty for twenty this time but the seed from the pgp is just as obviously viable as it is slow...there will hopefully be enough plants to populate the iu northwest community garden rebecca has told me i can use by the time april rolls around...and hopefully a few months' head start under the grow light will give them an advantage in establishing themselves in the outdoors...the corn plant is still growing slowly ( as is the deformed bean ) which isn't surprising since it is not a cool weather crop and the weather in this house is decidedly cool..which suits the asparagus and that is the focus...more maize will be planted ion the sspring.

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