Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the indoor season so far

i didn't expect the industrial soybean to survive this's still up and running but it has folded over on itself because it has grown too tall and spindly in search of the feeble december light...even the grow light hasn't stopped it and i am afraid its days are numbered...i am not sanguine about the maize either...both it and the bean are warm weather crops more suited to june than is yellowing badly and i don't think it bodes well...the asparagus on the other hand is not afraid of some cool temperatures ( i am not inclined to crank up the heat for two plants so if the industrial crops are going to make it they will make it on the asparagus' terms ) and a fourth plant has germinated...the two in the communal pot will be transplanted once they get a might bigger...the solo plants are doing just fine so far...looking like small asparagus and the largest is beginning to "fern" indicating that the roots are being fed and are expanding...if this trend continues the asparagus going into the iuncg in the spring will all have come form seed which i find gratifying...i am prepared to purchase crowns to plant but it's not my first far i am pleased with the progress and i will be soaking more seed to germinate a few more asparagus plants...i believe the bed at the iunce can support ten around the perimeter and i hope to use the interior to grow some hopi blue maize and northern tepehuan teosinte side by side...those will go in at the proper time, seeded directly into the bed...more as it comes up.

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