Saturday, May 31, 2014

sweet corn and a trap crop

the zea mays is moving along and soon it will be time to plant the pole beans...second of the three sisters...there may be some interesting plans coming about involving that planting but they are in the formative stages and not ready for public scrutiny just yet...all the variables may not come into line...we have forty of them up and running so there will be lots of support for beans in the garden and, by extension, lots of beans...ten geraniums were planted in beds to day ( there will be a few more yet ) to act as a trap crop for japanese beetles ( the are more of a repellant than a trap in my experience...plant them and the little invaders flee )...they will add color all season and help the garden too...the bottom photo is looking west at the garden from the washington street side...greening up and filling another month is will be a vegetable jungle...stay tuned...or stop by even better.

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