Saturday, June 4, 2016

a bit more natural

the hawthorn tree in the front yard ( okay the"tags" are not quite right ) is coming into full can tell by the scent which is strong to the point of cloying...the birds will be happy over the winter...and the bees are all over it right now...honey bees...nothing related to mason bees ( although i bet they are around )...but pollinators none the less and so they are welcome...they are busy...barely stopping...moving along...napoleon had a bee on his family crest...he was busy a lot fo things busy is a can be a remedy or a the bees' case it is benign...there are five bear paw maize plants up...about half the number of teosinte plants out there...we'll see if the ancestor's presence makes the maize "stronger"..before the squirrels eat it the meantime i have a morphological comparison to post about...the corn is up in the industrial fields and there's maize out back...we'll get to see if they look related...all three of them.

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