Wednesday, June 15, 2016

"enlightened elites used corn in this sense: as a contemptible object subject to discrimination.. corn carried the stigma of being alien, strange, poor. the wealthy judged corn and declared it to be guilty. the poor. on the contrary, opened their doors to it, embraced it, and adopted it. corn shared the fate of the poor, of those of mixed race, of the unchaste. and corn thrived virtually everywhere." arturo warman. corn and capitalism__________________________________ we got quite a bit of rain between three and four this morning and at 5:30 p.m. it was 92 degrees ( fahrenheit ) with a heat index of 103...there was no need to water when i got home and the plants are enjoying the heat...the maize has grown...the early blue spud i planted a bit ago in the second potato patch has leafed while the alfalfa continues to bloom ( where are my bees? next week ) even the spud in the containers are blooming ( odd how it is the "unimproved varieties" and "primitive cultivars" that bloom and produce fruit and true seed so readily and not the "commercially improved varieties" like red pontiac )..the bed of lettuce, cukes, tomatoes, and peppers ( a real salad bowl ) are booming along as well...the heat has hit home.

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