Monday, June 13, 2016

peppers, spears, and rye

took a trip out to the community garden after work to water and have a look first glance things looked okay but it has been warm today and a closer look at the jerusalem artichokes showed they needed to be watered i did...along with everything may be early june but things are moving along..the winter rye is beginning to ripen in earnest and the bear paw maize is putting out new leaves...the orange lunchbox pepper has well along and another nascent one...the asparagus is healthy and i fond new spears up since saturday...sturdy growth to feed the roots...there are twenty-six spears up now and likely more to come...the plants are happy in this garden...and that is the garde's planted beds in the bottom photo...i have seeds coming and parker! has told me we can meet in the garden sunday and plant seed she has...there will be more to water and to photograph soon enough.

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