Saturday, June 11, 2016


a trip to the home improvement store to pick up materials for the trellis for the new grape vines took my way past the back of the big box stores so i had a look at the industrial corn..there are plenty of "weeds" still populating the rows ( especially along the berm ) which seems to be a peculiarity of some nexus fields...the filed is filling in though and the odd spacing of plants i saw last week seems to be disappearing...probably because not all the plants were up yet and as they come in the spacing becomes more regular if not rational...the field is moving its season along and, as a comparison, the last two photos are of bear paw maize and teosinte out in my yard...they are related and at least two have been modified by artificial selection...the "wild and weedy" ancestor may not be genetically pure either...but it is closer to the original form than the others

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