Tuesday, June 14, 2016


cyclical planting means there will be a long enough season for several harvests and a variety of crops in the somewhat limited space of my back yard...the spuds i planted a couple of weeks ago are just getting underway while the ones i planted in april are blooming and some will be ready to harvest in another month and some in august( some varieties are 90 day and some in that bead are 120 ) while those planted this month will be done in september through october...four months of fresh potatoes...the bear paw maize in the third photo is coming along and should be "knee high by july"...the fourth photo is one of teosinte i threw in because it's my blog and i can...the wheat in the fifth photo and the rye in the sixth are ripening and the rest of the plants will be following suit over them next month or so...and while that is going on another blue lake bush bean is popping up...cycles in cycles in an effort to maximize space and harvests.

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