Wednesday, June 8, 2016

added population

an early run out to the garden to turn over some soil, weed, and water...the beds look good and the asparagus is thriving...while hoeing the asparagus/tomato, pepper bed i turned up a couple of spuds from last i replanted them adding to the general population...w have cucumbers along with peppers preparing to bloom...a robust roma tomato plant and a bear paw maize seedling...the buttercrunch lettuce is looking healthy after is shocked a bit at planting...and there's garlic nearing the end of its season and rye that is heading towards ripening...we also have four-and-a-half beds ready to plant...six-and-a-half if anyone wants to clear out the biology club bed and the bed at the back on the washington street side...and there's the corner boxes too...we have a season...we have space as well...soon enough i will be utilizing them to plant crops like kohlrabi and brussels sprouts for harvest in the autumn...spring is almost done by the's already meteorological summer...those spuds will be done in september.

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