Saturday, June 4, 2016

industry at work

out and about running errands took my by the field behind the big box was fallow last season...however this morning finds that it has come out in a case of dense yellow #2 field seems to have been tilled but judging by the number of "weeds" that are up in the rows it has not been sprayed with herbicide..and probably won' the field next to the supermarket last year it will be thoroughly colonized by season's end...i know field corn is constantly being engineered to allow the plants to be planted closer and closer together while still producing but the mechanical planter seems to be malfunctioning here because there is some very peculiar plant spacing...the plants in the second photo are a bit close to one another..the ones in the third are closer still...the fourth photo shows a traditional spacing of one foot ( and with the other spacing i am thinking the planter skipped here )...the fifth has a spacing of about four inches between plants which is what i was seeing last season..and the sixth shows to very close together again...the seventh is a graphic example of the "fence row to fence row" philosophy of industrial agriculture...the field is planted right up to the berm maximizing planted area...waste no space, no matter how marginal...lastly the vandalized realtor sign has reappeared in a truncated form...less to rebuild will be instructional to watch the growth and production of this field..if the maize in my yard takes we should have some morphology comparisons ( we have teosinte to work with already )...there will be more on this as the season progresses.

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