Sunday, June 5, 2016

odds and ends

the field next to the supermarket is not planted yet...all that is there is some rows of native plants and detritus from last season's corn is due to be beans in the two tiered industrial monoculture practiced around here ( and in almost all industrial agriculture...a lot of processed food and other products rely on two types of plant )...whatever goes in here there will be plowing i'm thinking...the field is a bit too overgrown for a no til field i think...we'll see...the fourth photo is yesterday's industrial corn and the fifth is bear paw maize in the back will be interesting to see if the heirloom maize tillers or it does the morphology will have far more in common with the teosinte growing out there than with the industrial product...the bottom photo is of some early blue potato blooms out in the i see potato fruits? perhaps...if we can keep the critters off them.

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