Wednesday, July 26, 2017


all sorts of flowers around the eyed susans, marigolds, geraniums, and showy nasturtiums among others...i am a bit less focused on showy ( although i will be gathering all the nasturtium seeds i can find since they are mashua cousins ) and inclined to pay attention to somewhat less attention getting reproductive mechanisms...the top four photos are potato flowers in various stages from buds ( first ) to open blooms ( second and third ) and , what i hope are, fertilized fruits ( fourth )...i found these yesterday evening during an outing devoted to nightshade reproduction...tonight my attention has been grabbed by teosinte...both northeren tepehuan plants ( fifth and seventh ) have begun to deploy flowers ( sixth and eighth ) on their main stems ( the tillers remain sterile for now )...grass flowers are weird critters for those attuned to the showy blooms in landscaping...we have, i believe looked at wheat and rye flowers so now we will have a shufti at zea as the flowers develop...the corn in a bucket ( ninth ) shows no sign of a flower will be instructive to have a look at the industrial field by the supermarket this coming weekend to see how the feedstock is doing flower-wise...finally we all know my partiality for a well turned support root and the northern tepehuan teosinte in the last photo is not disappointing....with a bonus tiller growing out of it....we are full of surprises.

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