Saturday, July 15, 2017

some buds and a few spears

out at the community garden this morning things look fine... the bed with the jerusalem artichokes has a healthy population...the onion blooms have been fertilized and seeds are forming ( second photo ) ...they will open soon enough and we can compare onion and ramp seed morphology...the teointe ( third ) is growing ( albeit slowly ) it is a variety with a long season, however i suspect the sunchokes are throwing it some shade and slowing it further...while we are talking jerusalem artichokes, they are beginning to bud ( fourth )...there will be yellow flowers soon enough..the asparagus bed ( sixth ) is doing fine as well...the potato plant in the seventh photo is looking a little leggy and i might be inclined to attribute that to shade as well, however it is an elmer's blue which is a vine variety...nothing unusual...and the rest of the spuds in the bed are doing well ( eighth )...the last four photos are of new spear growth in the asparagus bed...they will have a massive root systm to support upwards of fifty spears and the bed, if cared for well, could produce to close to mid century.

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