Thursday, July 20, 2017

simple campus visit

there was a deluge this morning fro several hours so there was no need to water and i found little in the way of maintenance to do so this trip to campus became mostly a social bed is looking robust ( first photo ) ..the wall of jerusalem artichokes is five feet tall in places and will be taller...the onion has flowered ( second ) but there are no seeds apparent just yet...we will simply have to continue waiting..the spuds in the bed ( third )are doing well and i would expect a harvest sometime in september...except for maybe the blue varieties which go a bit longer...the teosinte is just fine but far shorter than the ones in my yard..i am still inclined tot he jerusalem artichoke shade hypothesis...i am not prepared to take any of them out to see though...and while we are talking sunchokes the ones in the garden ( like the ones in my yard ) are preparing to flower ( fifth )...there is yellow apparent...a couple of beds down the asparagus ( sixth ) is all green and ferny...and the spuds i planted there are coming along very well ( seventh and eighth )...around the other side the asparagus continues to put up more spears ( ninth and tenth )...i am wondering if there will spears to harvest in the fall...these are too small in diameter and probably a bit woody...we will see long about late september.

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