Saturday, July 29, 2017

unless invited, stay out of my bed

imagine, if you are able, my irritation on finding the zea mays parvaglumis in my bed at the community garden seriously uprooted...teosinte is a direct ancestor of maize and it is a hardy plant that can withstand a lot...i have had storm damage to both teosinte and has been flattened by the wind...and you can stand them both back up and they will be issue with falling over...the can stand insects and drought ( although. like all plants, not indefinitely ) and in the years i have grown this plant i have never had a critter look twice at it even when the seed ears were in season my conclusion is that someone..whether ins a spirit of helpful weeding or malicious vindictiveness, has ripped this plant up by the roots...broken it in half, and left it to die...either way it was utterly uncalled for...don't monkey around with what you don't understand...especially on my turf...some of the roots were actually still in ground so i watered the exposed roots and the surrounding area thoroughly and replanted the roots and stem to see if there is something salvageable from the whole experience...a chance to show resilience.

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