Monday, July 3, 2017

thirteenth day of summer

it's a reasonably mild day temperature wise for the thirteenth day of summer ( first photo as if you couldn't deduce that...but there has to be an order to this ) a bad day for triskaidekaphoibics...then again any day is the thirteenth relative to another ( after the original thirteen anyway ) so any day can be a bad one...but i digress ( the true structure of human thought ) the field corn from yesterday the maize ina bucket 9 second ) is not "knee high"...the northern tephuan teosinte ( third ) is...and the zea mays parvaglumis is not far behind ( fourth ) and, unlike the maize in a bucket, it is tillering ( fifth ) at the base...something only heirloom maize will do and the stuff in the bucket is a hybrid......across the way the bogota market mashua ( sixth ) and the mashua blanca ( seventh ) are climbing the trellises ..many more ramp flowers are opening ( eighth ) while the in-ground spuds ( ninth ) and the boston pickling cucumbers ( tenth ) represent today's garden standard plants ( tomatoes and peppers i will save for another post )...finally i had some errands to run this morning and i went by the bean field behind the big box stores to have another look at the volunteer dense yellow #2 growing straight out of what could be called a nurse ear...couldn't resist.

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