Monday, July 31, 2017

out back on the last day of july

a short tramp around the yard on the last day of the month includes jerusalem artichokes blooming away ( first photo ) along with some spuds that are just as showy in a smaller fashion ( second )...the corn in a bucket is sweating away ( third through fifth ) while the "wild and weedy" ( and also blooming ) ancestor is not ( sixth through eighth )...probably because the teosinte is in ground and the corn is in buckets...more access to worries...i doused the corn...the brussels sprouts ( ninth ) are coming along in the heat and the ramp seeds ( tenth ) are darkening as they mature...the grapes in the catalpa tree ( eleventh ) are doing only so-so...the mulberries ( twelfth ) are continuing their season long...we'll see...there's more going on...perhaps we will stroll again on mid summer's day...coning up next weekend.

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