Sunday, July 23, 2017

industrial growth

there has been growth in the field by the supermarket...last week the corn was about up to my waist ( first photo )...a week of torrential rains and hot weather have spurred the plants on to about eye level in some places ( second )...there are still differences in height in the rows ( third ) however the leaves are beginning to close the arches over the space between the rows ( fourth )... while there has been growth in the shade ( fifth ) it hasn't been much ( sixth ) fact the entire row along the berm of the field is stunted by comparison with the rest of the field ( seventh )...and while we are talking berm, it is more heavily populated by wild grapes ( eighth ) than i had suspected...and they are taking some hits from japanese beetles ( ninth and tenth )...still looking for them to produce fruit...the season is moving along...the time has come and they are running late...or i am just not looking in the right places...more as it irrupts.

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