Wednesday, July 19, 2017


there isn't much of interest growing in my truck bed this year...mostly bunch grass...amid that grassy biomass there is a cereal grass ear of winter rye is almost ripe in there ( second photo )...and when i went out to photograph it this evening i discovered a second ear has emerged ( third ) which is still in two ears in a host of green...i would expect no more...however we will be patient...while we are talking grasses there's zea mays ( fourth...better known as corn in a bucket ) and northern tepehuan teosinte ( fifth )putative parent to said corn...the zea mays parvaglumis ( sixth ) is yet another variety of corn ancestor with a marked family resemblance...there is still intermediate wheat grass ( seventh) from the land institute...and yet more rye ( eighth )...a bit farther back in the yard we have the ancient emmer wheat ( ninth..and if you look towards the top there is daisy the garden cat...also ancient )...and finally there's the little guy from the genus acer in the container...he will be a somewhat larger and longer lived grass than the others.

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