Sunday, August 13, 2017

13 zea

the zea season, both ancestral and descendant, is moving along ( albeit more slowly for the "wild and weedy" ancestor )..the filed of dense yellow #2 out by the supermarket is in full flower ( first and second photos ) and the silks are moving from light to dark as they dry after pollination and as the ears mature ( third and fourth ) the fifth photo is of leaves on a stalk of field corn and the sixth is of leaves on a stalk of teosinte...the seventh is of support roots on field corn..the eighth of the tiered support roots on northern tepehuan teosinte...the tenth photo is another corn flower ( some are sticklers for calling them tassels...i am not...a flower is a flower and serves the same reproductive function [within parameters] as any other ) and the eleventh ( sense a pattern? ) a flower on the northern tepehuan's foray into morphology...finally the twine on the stalk of zea mays parvaglumis that fell over four days ago is still holding it up and, as i had imagined, the plant is showing nos sign of having suffered damage over its fall...still booming along

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