Sunday, August 6, 2017

resilience and expiration

wandered out the garden on campus this morning to have a look and found a mixed bag of events...the uprooted and replanted teosinte ( first photo ) still has chlorophyll, and so, photosynthesis going on and so is still in touch with life...we will watch for growth...the jerusalem artichokes ( second ) are blooming away and the blooms ( third ) are looking healthy..i ran across a honeybee in one ( fourth through sixth ) that was looking decidedly unhealthy...she wasn't moving much and the temperatures are in the mid sixties so that isn't a good reason for her lassitude....beekeeper i know have reported the demise of entire colonies...this is a single bee though and bees are not infinite in lifespan any more than anything else...she may just have reached the end of her allotted time...still, an unhappy find...down the beds a cobb lee spud is blooming ( seventh and eighth ) as are the carolina horse nettles ( ninth ) thing the horse nettle is doing that the spuds are not is producing fruits ( tenth through twelfth )...the are doing so with reckless abandon ( as all perennials do in one way or another ) which doesn't really bode well for some of the beds at the garden ( they are in at least two now ) they are deeply rooted perennials ( think queen anne's lace ) that will resist being dug up...and have i mentioned those thorns?

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