Sunday, August 6, 2017

in the yellow

that blurry top photo is one i tried top take of a honeybee that was on that flower in just about exactly the same position as the pone at the community garden this morning...unfortunately it is about sixteen degrees warmer than it was then and my movement toward the bloom spooked the bee which then flew basically straight at me and hence the blurry photo...that there are bees all over the blooms is not a shock...a resource is a resource...but what is that odd laying-on-its-side behavior about...digging for the last nectar or pollen...or are we getting a buzz ( ha!) on? in my unscientific inductive way i will be going out later in the day as it cools a bit to see what i can find ( if anything )...the last photo is of two pollinators on the same bloom....there is resource competition everywhere.

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