Saturday, August 5, 2017

something of a shift

there's growth going on in the yard..the zea mays parvaglumis ( first photo ) is still working on reaching to ten or twelve feet before it's through...but there has been a subtle shift in the season...most vertical growth has ceased as the reproductive season kicks in...the aerial bulbs that some plants use are becoming larger and heavier...the chinese yams ( second and third ) have flowered ( hardly recognizable as flowers...white spheres ) and the bulbs are developing while the egyptian walking onions ( fourth and fifth ) have stopped vertical growth and are leaning towards the ground weighted by the bulbs...the northern tepehuan teosinte ( sixth ) continues to flower and wait for silks to appear along the stalks while the corn-in-a-bucket ( seventh ) has not...the cobb lee spuds have put up some singular looking blooms (eighth and ninth )...there have been other potato blooms this season but i am skeptical of any fruits appearing...the weather is not cooperating in that...finally the jerusalem artichokes are flowering in big yellow blooms ( tenth...just for Jean )and some of the fertilized flowers have already lost their petals and are forming seed heads ( eleventh )...relentless reproducers from tubers that they are i have had no success in growing the plants from seed...that doesn't mean i will stop seasons has shifted from blooms to seed ( even the nasturtiums are going to seed ) and, since we utilize seeds in a large part of our human diet we should pay attention to the's important.

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