Tuesday, August 8, 2017

bees, flowers, fruits, and seeds

ran into another honeybee ( first photo )out back in the jerusalem artichoke blooms this evening and that led me around the catalpa tree tot he bee house where the bees have filled five tubes in the nesting block ( second )...so there are more pollinators than honeybees at work out there which is pleasing to the gardener...bees need flowers, however the teosinte flowers are not what they are after...the flowers on the main stems are fully deployed ( third and fourth ) and there is one developing on a tiller...still no silks...see that small serration on the center leaf in the fifth photo? a sure zea index of a flower forming and the central spike is just visible in the sixth...full blown blooms in a few days...bigger news yet...there are potato fruits ( seventh )in the back...there is a long journey ahead of them so we will not get our hopes ahead of reality but there may be solanum morphology in seed bearing for the spuds and the horse nettle if all goes well...finally the last photo shows the ramp seeds are darkening...the green will become increasingly dark until the seeds are black and mature...a ways to go on that as well..we will be patient...we will expect some losses.

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