Wednesday, August 9, 2017

fallen over

limited input tonight because of limited events...when i got home i found that one of the teosinte's tillers had laid down ( first photo ) isn't broken ( second )'s actually a behavior teosinte will indulge in, however usually when it is a bit more mature and going to seed...a mechanism to get the seed as far from the parent plants s possible ( not that they offspring would be competition for an annual...just a way to extend range ) no harm done i applied some jute twine to bring it back upright ( third ) and it is fine ( fourth ) i will need to anchor it to something sturdier than the tomato cage it is attached to right now..a grade stake seems likely...the fifth photo is of a cluster of potato plants supported by a toamato cage...what is important ( for me anyway ) are the potato fruits in the last three photos...ten so far...not counting chickens before that hatch...but still geeked.

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