Thursday, August 10, 2017


a couple of potato plants on the south side of the house bloomed earlier in the season and all they left behind was broken stems where the blooms failed to become fruits ( first photo )...over in the northern reaches of the yard another plant has bloomed ( second ) and has produced, at last count, sixteen fruits ( third and fifth ) in an effort to keep them from critters and to contain them should the come off the stem i netted them in critter net ( fourth and sixth ) which is a strategy i have deployed before in the community garden two seasons ago when the blue varieties went fruit mad and exploded in fruits ( whose seeds are still in my freezer ) has been successful before and so i can hope it will be again...meanwhile the nasturtiums ( seventh ) continue to bloom and go to seed ( eighth and ninth )...there will be another generation of home grown mashua cousins...and if ic an conserve some of those tubers the family will grow out back again...finally a photo of a fresh jerusalem artichoke bloom next to one that has begun the transition to seed head..they are members of the sunflower family and produce prodigious amounts of seed...that is remarkably difficult to germinate..i will collect seed again and try to grow a plant from seed...again...however i will replant some of the harvest to be sure.

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