Sunday, August 6, 2017

a little more shade ( perhaps )

yesterday i was in the corn a run to the supermarket to resupply the work larder led me tot he industrial field next door and a few, mostly subjective unscientific, observations ( you will need to go somewhere else for deductive reasoning...i don't have time for it...i am being inductive and always will suspect the deductive of manipulating data to fit hypotheses...why karl popper invented "falsifiability" right? that wouldn't have had anything to do with his politics...oops! perhaps the rant blog would be a better venue for this line of thought...back tot he cornfield please )...the wild grapes in the berm ( first ) seem to be beginning to produce ( second ) we will have to keep an eye on that...meanwhile the outer row od dense yellow #2 seems to have outgrown the shade cast by the biomas in the berm ( third )...the preponderance of plants in the second row in are producing two ears each ( fourth though seventh )...however, even though i looked until my shoes were thoroughly soaked on a dewy morning, i could not find a plant in the outer row with more than one ( eighth through tenth ) so did the slower start provided by the berm's shade impact yield in the outer row? informally and unscientifically i have to think it did...i will go back and look for second ears and my whole hypothesis my prove to be falsified..if that's what happens then popper's correct despite wittgenstein's brandishments.

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