Saturday, August 5, 2017

industrial heartland

a road trip to visit an old friend took me out into north-cental indiana and into the heart of the industrial food feed-stock complex of bi-polar monoculture ( first through fourth photos )...a monochromatic green was disrupted by the omnipresent seed signs ( becks was a popular brand )...they did provide some contrasting color ( fifth through may need to look closely...i was driving reasonably quickly when i took the photos..please keep the criticisms tot he livestock was harmed and the car is in one piece in the driveway )...additionally the seemingly endless fields were punctuated with ensilage equipment ( ninth and tenth )...the last photo is of some annuated storage space of the sort that set bucky fuller pondering the second generation dymaxion house...there are still some around if you look long is what august in indiana corn country looks's where i grew where i still am ...i am accustomed to it.

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