Monday, August 18, 2014

six more ears

six more ears of maize have been done in by rodents...some are shredded ( and one in the second photo would have been hopi blue from seed grown in the old garden...we can still hope for some continuity but our chances are dwindling ) and a couple in the third photo are pretty much picked clean...depressing but not unexpected...this is why i mostly grow root crops at home...there are good ears left but i am not sanguine about their survival to human ready ripeness...there is a mix of good and bad in the can learn a lot about life out there...a universe in microcosm...okay...enough philosophy...time to research non-lethal squirrel control for next have to be more determined than the problem or it wins.


  1. I will be vigilant and ask my dog to do extra squirrel control duty...corn plants continue to grow, hope they have enough time to complete their life cycle

  2. maize is a popular food across the zoological spectrum so i will say "good luck"...daisy the garden cat would eviscerate squirrels whenever possible out back...they still ate the maize...what we salvage from the garden after squirrel attacks will now go to the chickens instead of the compost heap..a good suggestion form cynthia about a practical response to the critters' natural behavior.