Tuesday, August 19, 2014

tubers for dinner

someone/thing snapped off one of the jerusalem artichoke plants in my back yard prematurely ending its seasson...curious to see what was up i dug the plant up and found...tubers...it's early so there weren't as many as i would have liked but that's the way things go sometimes...i cleaned them up and, along with a couple of red pontiac and a couple of yukon gold potatoes, i set about preparing dinner...this may mark me out as a tuber philistine...but i fried them in soy oil because that's the way i prefer them and it was my dinner...as a side note...if you don't want your jerusalem artichokes on the crispy side start the potatoes first...i tried to be uniform in the thicknesses of tuber i cut but the sunchokes got done way before the potatoes ( i had forgotten this since last autumn ) and he yukon golds were done well before the red pontiacs as well...so a starting order suggests itself...took around twenty minutes start to finish..a little sea salt and hey presto! my dinner came from my yard...there will be many more to come made up of solely home-grown produce...but the first is usually the best...and i am stuffed.

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