Wednesday, July 23, 2014

old garden

i had some spare time this evening because it rained last night and i did not need to i wandered over to the old garden site just to see if there was anything remotely connected to last season still there...and, surprisingly, there was...despite the destruction of the old beds and the flattening of the house that was on the lot and vehicles driving over the lot and the grass being mowed there is some asparagus there...dead center in the second photo is a seedling that has come up from seed i left in a bed last is the same seed that continues to germinate in the bed of my truck ( third photo ) and which hitchhiked over to the new garden in the soil we moved and came up there ( bottom photo )'s unfortunate that it will not prosper in the location that had been chosen for it last is transitory...gardens are is the way of things.

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