Friday, July 11, 2014

red pontiacs

potatoes, not autos...i planted these spuds eighty-two days ago so the one that died back is a tad ahead of schedule but its season was clearly i got out the spading fork and popped it up at the roots and found tubers...six of them, weighing in from half an ounce to five and seven eights ounces with a grand total of twelve and five eights ounces of starch and vitamins and minerals from one plant...unfortunately one was less than edible...but there are eleven more in that bed and more spread around the yard...there is an ollala that looks like its about done and will probably be the next one in...they were planted in a rotation from april through may and with seven different varieties with different seasonal lengths they should be coming in for some time to come...there will be many more tuber posts here as things unwind...from my yard, the community garden ( which has ten varieties, also planted in rotation form april through planting day on may twentieth..a long season on tap there as well ), and the perennial garden's last season...and when the spuds are done we can turn our attention to the jerusalem artichokes in september and october...this is what happens when one of the gardeners has a thing for tubers.

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