Sunday, July 6, 2014

surge I

the season is in high gear out there...the top photo was taken twenty days ago...the second this morning...we have what wall street covets...growth...and ours is better for us...all down the beds production is much so that there are three posts to cover only part of it all...we will have tomatoes this season...sure enough...and the three sisters bed has recovered nicely after monday and promises maize, pole beans, squash, and peppers...i doubt we will be getting accurate data on harvest since there is no real way to control who gets what..which is is a community garden and anyone out there is welcome to help guess is root crop harvests will be better of the advantages europeans discovered about potatoes when they were imported to europe was that they could be left in the ground until needed so the tax man couldn't tax them...he didn't know they were there.

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