Saturday, July 19, 2014

...and compost...

we've been using green manures in the garden in an effort to close nutrient cycles that harvesting produce disrupts...and that's a good thing to do if we're pursuing organic fertility and sustainability...but we could do more so we are...with the irruption of flowers in the corner beds , those of us with limited flower plant recognition skills ( read me ) have been able to remove excess biomass ( my definition of "weed is still in serious flux and reading literature for m the yolo county california conservation district on hedgerows and replanting roadsides with native plants hasn't done anything to clarify what is and what is not a "weed" ) from the beds...and rather than just chuck it we decided to create an on site compost we piled up the biomass...added some organic compost starter...gave it a shot of water while we were at watering the garden...turned it...added what is probably the best compost starter...completed compost...and framed it in with timbers form the old garden just to define the space and drop a hint hat this isn't just refuse...we will be adding to it, turning it, and utilizing the end more step towards sustainability.

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