Tuesday, July 8, 2014

water I

last month's storms and prolific rains are still having an impact on the garden...the squash plant in the first photo has one yellow under leaf and the potatoes in the next two photos do not have yellow leaves because they have started to die back ( although some of the potatoes have and will be ready to harvest very soon )...they are yellow because the plants have had too much water...those leaves will not recover a green appearance as the soil dries...they have been killed and will wither and fall off...and the yellowing will progress up the plant stem depending on how much over-watering the plants have been subjected to...even some of the cucumbers...a water loving plant if ever there was one...have begun to take on a bit of a yellow-green cast...worrying, but not a disaster...yet...one hopes for a bit dried july...more on the climate's impact on the beds as this season goes on.

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