Tuesday, July 15, 2014


the sunflowers in the corner box by washington street are coming into bloom...they must have been purposely planted and there will be more blooms directly ( first two photos )and that will dress up that corner nicely...there are a few surprises brewing over there as well though...there are cherry tomatoes in fair numbers there...and the last photo is a jerusalem artichoke or i will eat my hat with no salt...most of the soil in this box came from the old garden and i am inclined to think there were hitchhikers during the move...there were cherry tomatoes in the garden last season and anyone who has grown them is aware that once they produce you really never have to worry about replanting...volunteers abound as a lot of seed hits the ground in a season...so surprise may be a misnomer...perhaps expectation would be more appropriate...i culled a sunchoke from that box earlier this year...clearly i didn't find them all...confined in the box they will probably be a bit easier to control than the tomatoes...but even that will require some vigilance next spring...as a side note, even though i did not post a photo of it there are lamb's quarters growing among the sunflowers...helianthus and chenopodium seem to really like one another's company.

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