Sunday, July 20, 2014

corn for industry

the local monoculture that rotates between soy beans and dense yellow #2 industrial corn looks like it fills the fields when you view it from a moving vehicle ( and from aircraft as well i am told )...and even when i stand at the edge of the suburban field behind the big box stores and take a photo of the wider vista it still looks like a full field...only when you start to look at it more closely does the truth of the matter come to light...the corn in this field is planted in the industry standard rows spaced thirty inches apart with the plants twelve inches apart in the rows...that leaves the balance of the field bare of vegetation...( there are weeds down some of these rows but this is a suburban field and atrazine may be proscribed ) just don't notice...and when the crop is harvested it is true that there will be something of a mulch of shredded cornstalks and discarded cobs left to decompose in the field...and there will likely be a no till bean field here next season if a building doesn't pop up instead 9 the field is still "available" ) but further south in the same county as the suburban field they are practicing some sort of all till industrial farming that leaves a lot of uncovered soil to winter over into spring planting and that leads to erosion like the field in the last photo is suffering...i took that shot before spring planting this year and that berm has failed every year for as long as i have been looking ( seven years )...and that isn't especially horrendous's typical...and that's the problem.

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