Friday, July 4, 2014

late corn disappoints an adage

the central stalks of the eighty day sweet corn in the community garden are pushing over three feet in height forty-five days after the seed were planted...the peculiarly spaced dense yellow #2 in the field behind the big box store is woefully late in growth and has not reached anything like the "knee high by july" adage i grew up is the sweet corn better? far as eating goes it certainly was also planted about a month earlier than the field corn so it's not a fair comparison...that could lead into a rant about the fairness of processed and extruded food...but it's a holiday and who has time? all down the rows the industrial crop is lagging behind...chalk it up to a cold spring and a remarkably wet june that has water still standing in the fields and dead patches of drowned crops...we have already remarked on the yellowing impact of the rain in the garden...industry is not exempt form climate either.

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