Wednesday, July 2, 2014

variable impacts II

twelve plus inches of rain is a very wet june here by any standards and there signs of the weather's impact are all around the garden...there are quite a few yellow leaves low down on many plants which is a fairly sure sign of too much water...there is yellow on some potatoes ( top photo )...peppers ( second photo )...and even the maize, usually not shy about drinking up water has some tinges ( third photo )...some plants, however, seem to be reveling in it...they aren't all represented her but the mashua, jerusalem artichokes, new zealand white clover, and the cucumbers in the bottom photo are all just fine with the rain so far..they will gripe if and when it dries doubt there will be more weather elated posts this season...things are uncertain in the climate world ( or world climate ) and part of the reason for having some natives in the mix ( the jerusalem artichoke and a few lamb's quarters ) is to gauge how they react to conditions...we are trying to educate ourselves as well as learn to feed ourselves a bit better food.

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