Wednesday, June 24, 2015


there's progress out back as well...the potato seedlings are doing are up ( although i have some question about the viability of one of them...we'll see )...they will be transplanted to larger container soon enough...the mashua out there ( second photo ) has been left alone ( so far )and will, i hope, be producing both blooms and peppery tubers ( and i wonder how similar they are in flavor to nasturtium flowers...aim to find out )...the hail damaged yacon in the third photo is recovering well and there are five robust northern tepehuan teosinte plants caged in out there ( fourth photo )...the winter rye, for autumn cover crops...and spring wheat...because i like the way it the fifth photo are ripening as the alfalfa in the sixth continues to bloom...pole beans have grasp the pole in the seventh photo and the heirloom tomatoes in the last photo have begun to turn good..still a ways to go...more later.

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