Saturday, June 6, 2015

a stroll down the beds I

the bed on the east end of the back row of the garden is booming along with spinach, beets, collards, and turnips...but there has been some turnip harvesting going on ( second and third photos ) that has left open space...since one of the philosophical thrusts of the garden is cyclical planting and as continuous a harvest as possible it was time to plug the friend fern sent us some egyptian walking onions which are pretty much anytime planters so in they went ( thanks fernita! ) (fourth and fifth photos )...there will be more space opening up and i am planning another bed in a week or two so there's that much more area to plant...there are still a couple of empty beds in the garden that were supposes that if they are not planted soon their proprietors will be know how gardeners feel about empty beds.

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