Saturday, June 27, 2015

garden walk I

a stroll along the beds from east to west seems in order...sort of a lengthy walk over the next seven posts but there's a lot going on...some beds are busier than others it's true...but some are just starting and some have crops that have finished crops and are waiting for fall harvest even if a bed seems empty it really isn't...the far east bed ( top photo ) is awash in onions, potatoes, and a single bean plant ( you will hear much of spuds and pole beans today ) and the next three photos are those blooming spuds...the second bed in the fifth photo was planted on the twenty-second of march and the spinach is all but done...the beets are ready but no one seems to have noticed and the collards are are the onions ( sixth photo ) we have been planting piecemeal as the spinach and turnips came out...we have seed for fall crops and over-wintering onions...i have some brussels sprout seed as well an that would seem a good replacement for the beets...two beds down...nine to!

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