Wednesday, June 3, 2015

out back

out for a tramp around the back yard after work because i could and besides i wanted to take a look around...the top photo is of some spuds in the ground among the alfalfa and winter rye...and the second photo is of some flowering winter rye...there's quite a bit of space devoted to growing green manures and cover crops for seed for the various gardens this coming has put some constraints on space for vegetable production but something of a solution has been found...the third photo is of spring's not a cover crop or a green manure...i grow it because its neat and it reminds me of the eleusinian mysteries...the fourth photo is of an onion and a spud in a container...a fairly common fried combination...lunch one day fresh from the garden...the nasturtium family mashua is in the fifth photo ( geeked )...yacon makes up the sixth portrait and the seventh is of some young jerusalem artichokes exhibiting a vague familial resemblance to its cousin in the photo above...the last photo is of that "something of a solution"...twenty containers ( and there will be more this month...not all the chitting potatoes or the drops were planted in the various gardens ) on the south side of the house...navigation is becoming tricky.

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