Sunday, June 28, 2015

first container spud.

this plant has been through quite a started out as a spud merrily chitting away in my basement and was planted in a container under the lights in was moved outside when the weather finally warmed enough in april only to be critter disturbed, insect gnaw, and bludgeoned by hail...i has been dying back fro a bit but today i noticed the stem beginning to turn yellow and there were some leaves that were brown and dessicated...its productive days were clearly over so i decided to see if ti had managed to produce anything...resilient is a good word here...when i popped the root ball up i found it had produced only one red pontiac spud..but at 6 3/4 ounces it wasn't a shabby one...first spud of the season and it's a good one...out of the soil before any insects or rot could set in...unfortunately i have had store bought potatoes today so i will leave enjoying this one for later...imagine it will be has been a busy weekend around the blog...believe oi'll take a break...more later.

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