Friday, June 5, 2015

two perennials and an annual

the community garden isn't the only place that has clover around..there are two varieties of the legume ( trifolium repens ) in my yard...both introduced non-native her because i put it here...the other because it was here when the house was purchased...the dutch clover in the top two photos was here before me..its native range id western asia through europe and parts of north was introduced here as a forage crop for livestock and since, like virtually every perennial, it is invasive, spreading more rhizomatically rather than by seed, and is not a simple thing to stop..the third and fourth photos are of new zealand white clover...the mature plants have different markings on the leaves which are larger than those of the dutch clover as are the blooms...i have planted new zealand white clover in the community garden beds...the dutch clover there has irrupted this season ( it may have been in the lawn last season, but going back over photographs of the garden month by month from last season i cannot even remotely detect any before last september ) and where exactly it came from is beyond me...that it is there is undeniable...and it will remain, most likely, in both my yard and the garden...the first mashua plant ( fifth photo ) is coming along well and the second ( sixth photo ) has just begun to deploy its first leaves...looking forward to peppery tubers...the last photo is a better shot of flowering winter rye, near the grapes in the elm tree by the end of the patio.

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