Saturday, June 20, 2015

fallowed nexus II

a trip to the home improvement store dragged me by the field behind the big box stores so i stopped in to see what was up...what was up was a mix of native ( lamb's quarters ) and introduced plants ( dutch clover ) that have some sort of economic value and so are not generally classified as "weeds" if they are not in competition with agricultural crops or someone's lawn as well as garlic mustard and a host of other "weeds" which may or may not have economic value by attracting beneficial insects or providing wildlife habitat and so may not actually be "weeds"...but that is an arcane subject and best left for more patient times...what is up is that some of those plants are flowering and will be setting seed soon enough and it's getting late even for a crop of beans...there's still corn out there ( fifth photo ) that the harvester missed...but no sign that i could see of volunteer would seem that there is no crop out there this season...i am not sure of whether to celebrate of be let down...time to check the field next to the supermarket...perhaps in the morning

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