Tuesday, June 2, 2015


if this was the 18th century "enclosure movement" we'd be "in clover" and, possibly, be working on creating a water meadow...as it stands what's up is an invasion of clover in the garden and it is aggressive and it will do in all the grass if it's given the chance...large areas are already subsumed with expansion going on daily...it is getting out of hand...which is fine with me but others may take exception and move to act on this...one thing it has done is lure a multitude of bees to the garden...which is also fine with me...there will be blooms in the beds and a wealth of bees is not something to sneer at...or be afraid of if you are courteous and polite in your approach...no bee was harmed in process of taking these photos and i was not stung...we got along.

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